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The Strips
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The Strips began their rock n' roll career in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 2013 where they came together due to their love of music and incredibly cold winters. Starting out as a three piece band which included Trey Sharpe on rhythm guitar and vocals, Steven Greenfield on lead guitar, and John "The Panda" Nichols on the drums. In the summer of 2014, The Strips became a four piece with the addition of Billy Hettler on bass and keyboards. Taking inspiration from rock legends such as Led Zeppelin, Kings of Leon, The Strokes, The Pixies, and The Black Keys, The Strips performed classic "Basement Shows" for their friends and students of the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. The Strips released their first EP "Welcome to Our Basement" in the fall of 2014 . The summer of 2015 led to the great migration to Minneapolis, Minnesota where The Strips have continued to gather a following and now headline at notable venues throughout the Twin Cities area. In May of 2016, The Strips recorded their second EP "Kings, Queens, and Cruisers". They have gone on to release the single "Black Cats" in 2018 and the three track EP "Full-Time Day Dream" in 2019. Both of these additions were recorded and produced with Jack Vondrachek at Tangerine Studios. The Strips continue to play high energy shows as they prepare to release their first album.

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The Strips at the Pourhouse

Video and Audio recorded by Steven J. Frank

The Strips at the Cabooze

Video and Audio recorded by Steven J. Frank

Press Clippings:

  • " The Strips will give you the business without any added sugar." - Volume One Eau Claire

  • "Welcome to Our Basement as The Strips’ first album showcases the band’s sound and image very well. In no time, they’ll be working their way out of the basement." - 24OurMusic

  • "They Deserve Every Success in The World."-

Band Inquiries:

All band inquiries can be directed to or mailed to the address 1523 Elliot Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55404. 

Keep on rockin'!